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2014-07-30 12:50:27 by Knuckstrike

Peeps I need your help.

Since about a year I've been cooking once a week and now that I've done this ~50 times my head has become a desert on the subject of food. What I ask of you is to post your favorite dish/recipe so that I can make it. If I do I'll report back and tell you if it's good. I'm not afraid of things that require a bit of skill but remember that I am a Dutch person so I'm not willing to spend 20 dollars or more on a dish. :]

Secondly, please tell me you've played happyland. If you have not I'd definitely reccomend giving it a try. It was one of three games I spent an incredible load of time on when I was a kiddo.


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2014-07-31 12:27:07

Though not from America or Amarican, I like generic American foods.
I also like most Italians dishes too.

As for a Filipino dish that I like, I like adobo with rice... I guess.

Knuckstrike responds:

And adobo is.. somewhat like abobo?


2014-07-31 13:10:28

Idk, just try searching Philippine Adobo on Google.
It's basically just soy sauce and vinegar and meat I guess.

Knuckstrike responds:

Hmm, I've done a bit of research and I must admit itlooks a bit too vinegary for me. But thanks for the suggestion!


2015-02-07 10:03:54

Your page is like a cookie clicker. I click it every day, but nothing changes. =) What are you up to?

Knuckstrike responds:

Hiya Syrreal. I've been up to a lot of Wind Waker and Smash Bros as I just got a Wii U. Combine that with mathmatics at uni and you have the perfect time-consuming combination!

But don't worry, I'll make a guide for those medal games you can't beat soon ;)


2015-02-10 02:54:45

Recipes in the first paragraph here:

And here's the cookie recipe; scroll down for english instructions and recipe, tho there's english scattered throughout:

Sorry for the long links. Didn't know if HTML worked here yet, and didn't feel like trying at this late hour. :)

Knuckstrike responds:

Hi Exedor. I was looking more for dinner recipes but if I'm ever in the mood for delicious-looking cookies I will definitely try those :]