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Though not from America or Amarican, I like generic American foods.
I also like most Italians dishes too.

As for a Filipino dish that I like, I like adobo with rice... I guess.

And adobo is.. somewhat like abobo?

Idk, just try searching Philippine Adobo on Google.
It's basically just soy sauce and vinegar and meat I guess.

Hmm, I've done a bit of research and I must admit itlooks a bit too vinegary for me. But thanks for the suggestion!

Your page is like a cookie clicker. I click it every day, but nothing changes. =) What are you up to?

Hiya Syrreal. I've been up to a lot of Wind Waker and Smash Bros as I just got a Wii U. Combine that with mathmatics at uni and you have the perfect time-consuming combination!

But don't worry, I'll make a guide for those medal games you can't beat soon ;)

Recipes in the first paragraph here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/02/05/alfajores-cookie-the-best_n_6614242.html

And here's the cookie recipe; scroll down for english instructions and recipe, tho there's english scattered throughout: http://dulcepampa.blogspot.com/2012/06/una-buena-noticia-y-una-triste.html

Sorry for the long links. Didn't know if HTML worked here yet, and didn't feel like trying at this late hour. :)

Hi Exedor. I was looking more for dinner recipes but if I'm ever in the mood for delicious-looking cookies I will definitely try those :]

Is this still a project? My favorite'd probably be pizza hmm... but probably not the most unique meal to make. ;) One awesome dish tried recently: wraps with Quorn, marinated in garlic/soy/honey, eaten with yogurt and fresh coriander/mint. Tofu lasagna is an old favorite, complex but very fulfilling. But if you're looking for something simple, how about salt Herring fillets with mashed potatoes, butter and sliced onions? Alternatively salt Herring swapped for hard-fried mackerel, with cold sauce instead of butter/onions. Oh, and quiche, with sardines and mushrooms, without the extensive filling, like a combined pizza/pie with a crunchier shell. Cheap and delicious.

The wrap dish was a nice combination but the quorn didn't go too well with the freshness of the rest in my opinion. I tried one with quorn and one with salmon and the salmon one tasted better. The yoghurt/mint thing was nice though. I also added some rocket salad, cucumber and bell pepper because they were lying around the house and seemed to fit rather well.

One more: bric a l'oeuf. Bit dangerous work deep-frying them if you have no deep-fryer, but they're great. OT of happyland, I never have played it, but the site looks... bought?

I've provided a new link for you, the game is too cute to let it disappear ;)

Ah, good thing I checked back on this post, updated comments don't appear in the feed it seems (hey, I'm even mentioned in the newspost now! :D)! It does sound better with salmon, I've got to try that some time. Cucumber was actually in the recipe I used too, and sliced carrots, forgot to mention those. Salad seems like a suitable addition. I do hope you had the coriander too btw? Felt like a big part of the taste sensation. I'd never used coriander in any larger amounts before (nor fresh) so it was a revelation for me, feels like... I found the secret behind that awesome flavor in all Asian food. ;) Btw, did you find a recipe or go by my somewhat vague instructions for this meal? If latter, I should probable have added some details n amounts... and stuff...

Tried playing Happy Land Adventures btw, but it just wouldn't work. It seemed like the game froze up at first, but apparently it just seems that way, if I hold the title bar of the window and drag it around, I can see the cutscenes and get to the menu, then press the arrow keys and hear the clicks as I move through options, click the right amount to reach the settings menu, drag the window to see the screen, hoped there was an option there to fix the issue... it worked OK for menu's but I can't really play the game and drag the window at the same time. Weird issue. I suppose you've never had something similar? Just dawned on me that I should probably try some of those old OS modes hmm..

I just went with your instructions for the dish, it's not a very difficult dish to make at all. I used mint instead of coriander but I'll try it with coriander next time.

I'm not aware of those bugs in happyland adventures and the game seems to be rated rather well as well so it must be on your end I think. Such a shame because it's a very cute game and surprisingly hard as well.
Better spend that time playing medal games and blamming submissions then!

Oh, my bad, I meant both mint AND coriander. It's the contrast that brings out that special flavor! Maybe that particular combo wouldn't work as well with salmon though, can't really imagine the taste.

Yeah, shame indeed, since you mentioned it it must be pretty good. ;) Haha yeah, I'm trying! Time's a flying..

The salmon was really nice, most spices go well with it. The good thing about most fresh foods is that they combine with a lot of things.

True true!