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I like this fairly simple and cute movie.
This is probably because of the happy animating style and the music.

What I like most about the animating style are the backgrounds. There wasn't one background that was there during half the flash, but instead made a different background for each scene. This made the video much less repetive, and is probably what I like most about the whole video. The backgrounds weren't worked out in detail, but honesly, I don't think that anyone dislikes the video because of that.

I also thought the facial expressions of the characters were done pretty well. For example, the blob at the end had lines under his eyes because he gambled all night long.

However, it's certainly not perfect. The thing that I dislike most is that it wasn't clear what happened. If I hadn't looked at the title, I wouldn't have known this was a casino, let alone that they were in Vegas until 0:39, where "he" played on a slot machine. Maybe it's because I don't live in America though, I don't know. If so, don't be unhappy about this.

I also thought that the animation of some of the characters could've been a bit better. I liked how the slimes splattered when they turned around or walked/jumped, so that was okay. The green blob turning at 0:11 was nicely done, and the bird flew just fine. But in general blobs look a bit lazy. Don't get me wrong, I can see that there has been put time in this movie, but all most of the sprites did were either blinking, stretching or rotating. Next to that, the shadows on the blobs didn't have anything to do with where the light comes from.

The only part that looked really odd was the part where the blobs jumps on its bed. The third time he jumps just as the last time, gets the same upwards velocity, and then at what was the highest point at the previous jumps it suddenly speeds up immensely.

Even though it wasn't perfect, I still liked the flash and the music gives a setting that fits with the movie.

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I just can't rate this badly because it's really well done, and there has been put so much time in this. I've seen art pieces from you of buildings that could be in this movie. I'm wondering: did you re-use some of your already made buildings for this? I can imagine that, otherwise it will probably have cost an incredible long time to make this.
I didn't even know it was possible to make movies out of the 3D program you use.

I think it's really good that you made everything in this video so realistic. I don't ever see videos like this pop up on the newgrounds flash portal, so bonus points for originality. You can maybe even start a collection of 3D videos, or at least something like a series.

Because it's so realistic, the less realistic things jump out. In my eyes, those "mistakes" or how you want to call them are what divides a cinema movie from a submission like this. For example, my attention is taken by that every grass plume is the same. If you could mirror a few of them, change the colour of a few of them or just choose bigger and other grass plumes it would look more like a field than randomly placed grass.
Another thing that caught my eye is that, although everything is three-dimensional, the armour of the knights does not stand out. I know it would be really hard, but if you are making close-ups of characters like the knights, it's nice if the closer up is from a more detailed (part of a) character.

Now I've given a harsh comment, let me make it up to you by saying that I did not find most of the movement odd. Although certain parts were a bit choppy like when the characters walked up the stairs, most of it was very realistic. Some of the animations were actually creative/funny, like the door who was kicked out of its hinges.

Another thing I find really well done is that the music fits the different movements. I'm really jealous that you can make great music, art and flash animations. It must be awesome. I can't even draw between lines most of the time...
I would recommend changing the music a bit more between the more dramatic parts and the parts where the fighting is more important. Although there is certainly a difference in the music, the fighting parts sound a bit too happy. If you could make music with a higher bpm in the fighting parts, or instead of orchestrated music a bit darker music it would fit more.

The last point of improvement I can think of is that you could make the story a bit more clear. Although I love that you put a story in your movie, I don't understand it at times.
You could implement characters, so the viewer has a favorite king/lady/prince to root for or something like that. It would also give more of a plot to your movies. I bet you can come up with something original.
Maybe you could even find someone to narrate it for you, or you could narrate it yourself. If you find someone else (if you would let the movie be narrated it at all), be sure to get someone with of those dark and serious voices. I always love those in movies like these.

Even though the majority of this review is critisism, don't take this as a negative review. The movie is awesome, but can be much more awesome in my opinion.
You really deserve at least 3.5 stars from every following review. Otherwise I will get angry. >:(

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samulis responds:

Hehe, thanks.

Because I inverse-scored this, the music was locked... I decided to leave it as-is and instead try to make the scenes fit the music as best as I could... although I could have put more space between movements.

If I get to making a video that isn't a music video, I'd absolutely love to add some more plot to it, but the main point of this was to simply express the emotions of the music.

Now that you mention the grass, I realize now that I could have used multiple grass "sprites" or used some better 2.5D grass I have... grass is tricky in a real-time program because you don't have the ability to have a super complex render so it literally MUST be sprites in some way or another.

I understand what you mean about the armor... I did fix up some of the template armor to make it more presentable, but I could have done more. Most of the pieces by Arteria3D were excellent (aside from being non-standard and thus uneditable in iClone) already so I went with them as-is.

When I played back the shot with the door falling open I thought "oh god, this is so cheesy!" but I liked it and didn't have time to fix the "ditto" men at arms (fixing the stairs would be a nightmare of keyframes... I think I'll just stick to ramps in future videos XD).

May of the models I use are made by very talented modelers such as Arteria3D (feel free to google them if you want)... I often use their work because it is both beautiful and in a great range poly-wise. What models I have made that worked for this are used readily- for example, the palace throne room you see in the general planning scene and the coronation is a build I did in sketchup and retextured for iclone about a year ago. In addition, I made and textured every single terrain mesh in the film. All characters are either Arteria3D or made by Reallusion, the company that published iClone.

I'm actually considering making more 3D videos with both music and eventually some short stories, mostly medieval and such, but it will be a fun experience and loads of great work.

Thanks for the review,

First I have to state the most obvious thing: everything flows well, and the looping is done great. It's fluent, and there's enough different stuff in it. Everything is drawn well, since it's clear what every person/place is.

I would've liked the different people and places to have something in common though. Or some climax that the loop is going to. Just seeing all those different people merging gets a bit boring.
The background music, a great choice, makes it kind of relaxing though. So if that's what you're going for you succeeded.

Anyway, you deserve the daily fourth prize. Maybe for next time you can make something exiting happen.

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Carr77 responds:

Hey, thanks! And yeah, the loop is random and it doesn't have a point xD
The reason for that is that the loop were an animation experiment. I wanted to try to make some FBF :D
I'll try to add more story to it next time :3

Thanks for commenting :)

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I love the concept of a blind man's simon. I have never seen a game for blind people before on Newgrounds. This is probably because blind people would never visit a games site, but I won't subtract points because the game is kind of useless :P. After all, it's still entertaining for me.

Why I didn't give you a 5/5 is because the main point of the game, the sound, doesn't feel finished. It's not bad, but you could've included much higher quality sound.
It's most noticable in the tutorial, where the girl's voice changes halfway through the tutorial. The man's voice and the automated voice are way softer there as well. It'd be nice if the voice was the same volume throughout the entire game.

What does seem finished is the highscore. It's nice that you included a "ten" for every ten buttons you pressed correctly.
There is a bug there though. The highscore will always sound in the sound you got it in. It could work as a way to have different high scores for different people, but then you should have a different high score for every voice.

I am not at all disappointed by the fact that this game is completely black, but for an all-sound game the sound should be of higher quality. Everything works though, and for the original idea I give you bonus points.

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Kwing responds:

You've definitely got a point with the voice volume. Can't tell if that's your only complaint, or what you mean by the voices needing 'higher' quality.

I see you've also noticed the highscore glitch. I only discovered that after uploading the patch with the female voice. Oh well...

I think this game is really awesome. Not just because it's really hard, but because of its new way of platforming.

The idea of exploring a game by dying is genius. It gives the game something I hadn't seen before.
This also forces you to be strategic in each level. Because you need to get at least a few perfect pig runs in the later levels, you can't rely on a lucky jump once to clear the level. You need to plan, and get to the end, or almost the end, multiple times in a row. But never enough times to let it get boring.

Another thing I really liked was the music. The slightly irritating but awesome music fits just perfectly with this game. It did get repetive, but that's no problem since you made a mute button.
Good thing you added a self-destruct button too.

It's not perfect though. Because it's that hard to complete a level without losing any pigs, I would've liked something for it. I've only completed a few levels without losing any pigs, but apart from a score bonus you get nothing. Maybe you could make a medal for it, or even more bonus levels?

Speaking of more levels, this game would be perfect for a level editor. I would've loved making levels of my own, and playing other levels ranked for most fun and most difficult. This would make the game even more addicting, and give some more length to the game.

Another small thing is that I would like a pause button. Especially because planning a level can take several minutes, and when you just have a few nice death places, it's irritating that you can't pause the game.

None of these things really bothered me though, they are more like extras I would've liked.

Short conclusion: Although the game is not perfect, it's going straight in my favorites.
I'm number 95 to complete it ;)

It's a good start, but still a pretty bad game.
It's always good if you don't have any glitches/bugs. You have got the basic code right, which is of course a good thing.
It's really a challenge to win, but not impossible. That's good too.

There are a few things that cause this game to look amateurish:

- No instructions. Although it's pretty easy to understand that you have to press the up arrow to drive forward and the right and left arrow keys to drive left/right, it would be nice if it had been said. Also, say that I'm the blue car.
- You can press the bottom arrow key at the start to drive backwards to the finish and win.
- The graphics are too simple. Although the lines in the corners are a nice addition, the green and white parts are too flat.
- You can drive through the other car.
I also didn't like that the other car is faster than you and starts off much faster.

games007 responds:

thanks by help.

I'm new in codes flash.

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You don't know how long I've been waiting to review a happy song with > 170 BPM. The happiness in the song and the good-soundingness mean that I just can't give this song less than a 4/5.

The build up is perfect. It's happy, to the point and original all at the same time. I love how you started to build up the tempo really fast. It's something you never hear.

Sometimes the little bleep sounds and the don't-know-how-you-call-it sound that starts at 0:26 start to irritate me after a while, but that isn't the case in this song at all. I think they fit perfectly with each other. They weren't too apparent or overshadowing, but certainly hearable.
In fact, during almost the entire song the volumes were chosen perfectly. Nothing was too loud or too soft.
Here comes the almost: in the middle bit (that starts at 1:15) you lowered the volume of the melody quite a bit. I don't think it was necessary to do that. This is because now the beat is too powerful in that part. It's probably because I have an aversion against loud beats though, so if nobody else mentions this you can ignore it :P.

Another thing about this song I think could've been done better is the ending. I know it's nitpicky, but I'm talking about how the beat slows down. I would've preferred the beat slowing down gradually instead of staying about the same for five seconds, then decreasing by 40 in a second, and then staying the same again. Next to that, the last note sounds like it's cut off.

Long story short, this is one of my favorite songs that I've reviewd so far in the RRC. Very nice work.

After reading the other reviews I do have to agree that this song is repetive. It didn't take away anything from my enjoyment of the song, but I can imagine other people finding three times the same part in a song pretty repetive. If I didn't love this song so much I would've thought the same.

Review request club

Hikari responds:

Thank you very much for the review. I'm going to have to agree with you on all of your points. I feel like if I was going to slow the volume down that I should have waited for when everything cut out to mirror the intro. On the point of decreasing the volume of the melody in the break down, Its just a reflection of my insecurity in my own work. I felt like having that drag on for the whole song was a bit much but then again I did bring the volume back up when I brought the speed back. I could say that I was trying to give a sense of dynamics but that would be crushed by the fact that the drum sounds are too loud because of this. Thanks again for your review. ^-^

Happy song, yay!

I do love how this song immediately catches your attention. It's really upbeat, and since I'm a sucker for those type of songs, I'll give a pretty high rating. :D.
I think you did a great job with the melody. It doesn't have the same notes as anything I know, but yet sounds familiar. Those are the best kind of songs.
Even though the melody was pretty fast (I don't know how to say this so that you'll understand it without a doubt, but I'll try anyway: the time between the notes that make the main melody wasn't a lot.), it didn't sound complicated or chaotic. Well done on that.

The only thing that feels unfinished is the ending. I don't know if you didn't feel like putting much work in that, but a fade out the last three seconds sounds pretty lazy. If you could either make it so that the song loops or make the song less full at the end, I think it would sound better. It'll become more of a song instead of a simple, constant tune.
Also, the difference in how low the notes were at the end is something I would've liked in the song itself, and not as a teaser the last few seconds...

I have absolutely no clue about scales, so I can't help you with the thing in the author comments, so sorry about that.

The song is really simple, but sounds great. I am always surprised by how people with FL can make great sounding tunes. Great work.

Review request club

Merpy responds:

thanks and yeah i was lazy with the ending i was in a hurry

I love that rough atmosphere you create at the start. I'm not a fan of thrash metal (you'll probably get more reviews of not-metal fans like me :P), but I enjoyed that. For a type of music that quickly sounds repetive and chaotic at the same time for me, it had a creative intro. Next to that intro I also thought that the epic guitars put order into the song. Another positive point for in my opinion.

The only part I thought was kind of odd-sounding was what started at 3:20. I liked that it's a contrast with the loudness that the rest of the song has, but I don't like that in the whole song only six seconds are offbeat. Either make a whole part with it, or don't do it.

Sorry that about the only member of the Review Request club who doesn't like metal had to review this :). I do hear that you have put effort in this, the quality of the song is great and for a metal song I think it's great, but it's not something I like listening to in my free time. As I have with almost all metal songs, it's a bit too monotonous and loud for me. I hope another reviewer who has a bit more knowledge of the metal genre also listens to and reviews this.

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I must say I didn't immediately see charizard in this picture. It's probably because of how you drew it.

How he sits is a pretty surprising and odd. Not in a bad way though. You always seem to have some way of drawing stuff unusual, in another way than most people would. That's probably what I like most about this picture.
With that I mean how indifferent he sits. In that way he reflects charizard perfectly. His fat belly and mean look make him look a bit human.
The only thing I don't like about him are his arms. They look a bit too square.

You can still pretty clearly see that it needs a lot of work. You rushed two things: the background and the lighting.
The clouds are made well, but it's not a lot and you can hardly see it. There are hundreds of things you can do with a dragon like this. Make a picture of it, and not a sketch!
The shadow can be done in twenty seconds. You can't see the dragon in it at all because there are parts of his body sticking out which isn't in the shadow.

I love your drawings, but put some more time in them and it will score much higher. This just seems too rushed.

Review request club

The most awesome drawing of Gary I've seen so far. In my entire life.

You can immediately see that it's not a rushed piece of art. What you often see with drawings of cartoon is that they are drawn in a really basic style. This is easy to do, as the cartoon character is basic itself. That is why I like it that you made a pretty realistic illustration of Gary.

The realisticness really works, as you can draw really well. I really love two things about your drawing style: the variation of lighter and darker parts in the snail, and the lighting. The variation between the lighter and darker parts is something you don't see that often as well. For some reason it makes it even more realistic.
About the lighting, I love how you put those small white light dots on the snail. It gives the impression that the snail is liquid, which is probably what you wanted to do with it.
I also wanted to say something positive about his belly. Because it is a bit more vague, it looks even more slimy. Nice work on that.

It's still not perfect though. For a snail, either a nature background or a water background would fit. At least not a white background. It's the only part of your painting you didn't invest time in, and because of that it draws the attention a bit from the snail. Just a basic background with lighter colours and the same drawing style of the snail would add to the picture I think.
You do have the mushrooms and grass though, so it's not that you have nothing.

The only thing I see on the stail that is a bit odd is the eye stick. If you could make the transition between the stick and his head a bit smoother instead of a straight line, I think it would be more realistic.

Still, an amazing picture. Definitely deserves four stars.

Review request club

Mabelma responds:

Thank you so much for your review. I appreciate both your kind words and your honest review, hopefully in the future I'll be able to get back to this image and add both a background and fix up those eyes. Thank you for commenting :)

This is actually drawn really well.

I like original drawings more than tutorial-based ones. It originality. That doesn't mean it's not good though.
I like how you did the background. It's happy and colourful, but doesn't attract the attraction that would normally go to the Pokémon.

I'll just say something about each of the Pokémon. Know that I think each of the Pokémon is drawn good, there's no ugly one. All mistakes are details. And sorry if I spelt a name wrong.

I really like how you drew Pidgeotto. His posture is good, and his/her claws look really great. I don't know many people who can draw him/her this way. The wings look different from the Pidgeotto's in the series though. The feathers are a bit more square, and the lines separating the feathers should be a bit longer. This doesn't ruin him or anything, just a detail.
Nidoqueen is drawn good too, but with more mistakes than the rest of the Pokémon. That´s probably because she is the hardest pokemon to draw, with all her scales.

Nidoqueen´s mouth is a bit odd. The black in the middle is too square, you should make the gap a bit larger. Second, her ear shouldn´t be the same colour as her belly, but brown. Another colouring mistake is that her right boob should be yellow. Lastly, the length of some of her body parts seem too small. Her head shouldn´t be as large as her body. I understand that it would seem odd if one pokemon was half of the painting. So maybe you could put her on the far background, so you can draw her realistically large?
Pikachu is drawn nicely. Although his hands should have fingers, and his head shouId be connected to his body more, I forgive you because you drew the cheesy smile so nice. His small eyes are just too cute. And that while Pikachu is one of my least favorite Pokémon.
Ivysaur is drawn almost perfectly as well. The only thing I can find with him is that the dots on his body should be green/blueish and not red.
For haunter the only thing I would've liked differently is a bit more variationg in colour. Now almost his entire body is the same colour. But his shape is perfect, and his mouth is amazing.
Paras seems a bit sad, but ah well, he's probably always like that. I actually like that. (Not that he's sad, but how you drew him). The only mistake I see with him is that his back legs are a bit too big. But the rest is drawn well. Especially the mushrooms.

These are the "mistakes" I can see in your drawing. Though there are some mistakes, your cousin can certainly be happy if he gets this drawing. It's happy, colourful, and your best drawing yet.
A very happy birthday to your cousin.

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JimmyTheCaterpillar responds:

Thank you very much for reviewing my work. It means a lot. Really cool how you noticed all of this. Great job. Very helpful to me.

Yoshi is god.

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