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And another year without birthday flash...

Posted by Knuckstrike - April 25th, 2011

:( :( :( :( :( :(

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Not entirely, but I find the comments highly amusing

I'd make ya one, if you didn't hate me

:(:(:( You mean


Poor Knuckstrike. :(

I know... :(

Maybe if you actually DO something other than earning medals you might get somewhere

I know! I'll make the same sort of flashes all over again and make people think that I am a good animator by giving 10's to my own flashes!

By the way, I am nearly the only one who can say that I tried all your medal games. (Except your alts and friends)

Ehhh... Alts? I don't waste my time making alts, too much effort and I'm a guy who hates effort (as you can see) You have to think and make up an email address, sign up the website and register to the website itself, I have a life thanks.

And as for friends? I don't know most of them in case you didn't know

But you DO give 10's to your own flashes.

And I wonder who makes the accounts of your video game characters like:
and your sister giving 10's to your own flashes:
http://banglagirl00.newgrounds.co m/

... list continues ...

:L My sis actually votes 0 on my flashes, cos she's a brat.

As for Pickilow, Yes I made that account, But when Mikeys9607 found out the Pass I had nothing more to do with that account.

Btw, Saza isn't mine either, I don't know his Pass and Mikeys9607 changed Pickilow's Pass too leaving me locked out.

Once again you're wrong and I'm not surprised

She has only given one 0 ever, and about eight 10's.

And the only thing that matters is that ''Pickilow'' and ''Saza'' give 10 to your flashes. Which is stupid because they're your video game characters.

And you still give 10's to your own flashes.


She votes 0 on my Flashes, and she gives them 10. Besides she's not an Alt.

Pickilow: Is a sick minded twisted alt account of Mikeys9067. NOT the Pickilow from my Flashes. Just look at his page, I can't even go on it anymore without vomiting

Saza: Never left a on my flash with his account once again not my Account.

It's funny how you act like a give a shit about 10s

If anything, I like proper feedback with a score of 3/10 than a 10/10 from some Asian kid saying "that game good so much I no so good grammar the ishkabibbles hate ur game but I like"

Reviews like that piss me off but I'm not gonna be nasty to someone who gives me a 10

And I'm not even nasty to people who give me a 0/10

It's usually like "Wtf" 0/10

That's a childish comment which deserves a simple response...
"Not a review" or "read the guidelines for reviewing then critise me"

I gave this one a two, but with some constructive critisism.

"Too easy"
submission: Flowerman
date: January 13, 2011

I had no fun at all playing this. With every boss I only lost one or two leaves (Including leopard man), except for the pumpkin guy, where I lost almost all my leaves and lives. It isn't balanced.
Another thing is the graphics. Just say you aren't going to improve the graphics, doesn't mean we can't judge you on it. Stop making excuses and put some time in a game. Also, the controls are buggy. Sometimes you can't jump on the upwards moving platforms when they reach the top, but most importantly, you need to walk on platforms that move sidewards, or else you fall off.
Sometimes you can't see what's under you (like before you battle strawberry men), or next to you. You could make a ''scroll screen'' button. Like, for example, WASD.

Overall therre are just too many bugs for me to enjoy it.
February 7, 2011
Author's Response:


... And you still give 10's to your own flashes

I'm smiling so much right now because I read this news post. At least you got a fictional story this year. =)

That's right. Thanks.