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Little-Rena's quizzes answers

Posted by Knuckstrike - February 9th, 2012

Sorry for ruining the fun for your games, Little-Rena...

Video medal walkthroughs collection

2011 - A quiz in review
5 medals

01) Sudan
02) Estonia
03) Hosni Mubarak
04) Raised oil prices
05) Earthquake/tsunami (Note: "tsunami" is NOT the correct answer)
06) No-Fly zone over Libya
07) Catherine Middleton (Pippa Middleton for -1)
08) Laurent Gbagbo
09) Death of Osama bin Laden
10) Portugal
11) Chile (Tesco for -1)
12) For treatment (To get to the other side for -1)
13) Artificial organ transplant (Recorded virgin birth for -1)
14) Space shuttle conclusion (It was running in 2012 for -1)
15) Water
16) Libya
17) Border dispute
18) Pakistan
19) 7 billion people
20) Unesco
21) Greece
22) Virgin money (French flag for -1)
23) North Korea
24) Tokelau

The possible quiz
10 medals

01) I
02) Hello!
03) Mouth
04) The "go" is under the green thing, just pull it away. Then click go.
05) TomFulp
06) None
07) Neo
08) Just wait 10 seconds
09) Click "are you stuck"
10) Sure
11) Hello
12) Click the purple sky
13) RGB
14) ...a poor ripoff
15) Really cool
16) Backwards
17) Click the "somthing" from the question.
18) Newgrounds
19) Two -.-
20) Colour (the red button)
21) Internet services
22) 21
23) Okay
24) A screen
25) Click the pink button
26) Circle
27) The picture of a finger
28) Little-Rena
29) Splapp-me-do
30) NGDivisionofHeros
31) Not even doom music
32) :D
33) Bread
34) Mr blue sky
35) The top right button (red)
36) The bottom arrow
37) 13
38) *YAWN*
39) Electric shock!
40) Yay!
41) Sounds fair
42) The pink button (It says "this isn't")
43) The green button with the word "pink" in it
44) .
45) Three
46) Pull off his shirt, then press go
47) I
48) It's over 9000!
49) Nope!
50) Ekjd, hdss jes.

Breast Cancer quiz
2 medals

01) False
02) Hair
03) TP53
04) True
05) Removing a lump
06) False
07) Family history
08) Increases
09) False
10) 50+

NG Review game 2
11 medals
Flag everything for garbage.
Get around 40 points for normal.
Get around 55 points for bronze.
Get around 70 points for silver.
Get around 85 points for gold.
Get everything correct for deity.

01) Review - 1
02) Review - 1
03) Blow your whistle (look at the author comments if you want to know the reason)
04) Review - 3
05) Review - 2
06) Review - 4
07) Blow your whistle
08) Review - 1
09) Blow your whistle
10) Review - 1

Comments (17)

:3 medals!

Three of them :3

Four ; )

Five in fact, but you can get the three that are worth most with this guide.

DAMN, what's the last secret medal? I know 4 of them (with Credits).

PM sent.

I updated the secret medal everyone seems to be having problems with to 50 points :p

Aha, nice. I will try the game again to see if I can get it as soon as I'm on a computer which I can play games on. It doesn't work too well on my laptop.

Edit: I've got it!

a<a href="http://www.">www.</a>. thanx, i still ended with 48 points :)

You're welcome.

With the quiz, you lose a point every time you click a wrong answer.

thnx for the guide!!
I'm still missing the last secret medal in &quot;2011 - A quiz in review&quot; which is worth 50 points :O
can u plz PM it ? ^^


unrelated to this post but thank you for your help in bbs i actually wanted to bug you again if you could go back to that thread i made just one more time if you have the time....:) i appreciate your help anyway if you cant

It seems the problem has been solved already. Good luck keeping your save files safe.

Trololol, the entire purpose of getting medals has just been ruined by you. :P

Eeyup. :P

PM me how to get the secret medal in 2011 Quiz?


Hey Knuckstrike, thanks for this guide but i need the same thing everyone else wants.
PM me please.


last secret medal please in 2011-A quiz in review

Last secret medal?

In 2011 - A Quiz review?



Great guide, thanks!

Welcome :D

On NG Review game 2 65 got me Bronze, 50 still got me normal

Thank you. I changed it.

Got 70 points on NGR2 and i got gold.

It's not just based on score I think. You can get silver and gold with 70, depending on what you answer correctly.

Nice Work Dude, It helped me a lot xD. Hey, can you PM me the last secret medal from 2011 quiz review? o:

Of course

How to get secret medal I &lt;3 U! in 2011 - A quiz in review? can you PM me it please!

Sure thing